• DWD2 Metal Conditioner – Optimize Power & Performance
  • DWD2 Metal Conditioner – Optimize Power & Performance
  • DWD2 Metal Conditioner – Optimize Power & Performance

DWD2 Metal Conditioner – Optimize Power & Performance


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Optimize Power & Performance

  • Reduces friction, lowers operating temperature, extends engine life.
  • Nano-technology to protect engine parts during cold starts and warm ups
  • Improves power and performance
  • Effective in both gasoline and diesel engines
  • Improves mileage, reduces fuel consumption
Friction between moving parts produces heat and wear. Normal motor oils withstand a limited amount of pressure and heat before losing capability to cushion metal parts. Metal surfaces appear to be smooth but microscopically have a natural roughness. Contact between metal surfaces produces friction, which produces heat and results in engine wear.

  • DWD2 Metal Conditioner is a formulation of active friction reducing chemicals that actually penetrates 3-5 microns into the pores of metal. Friction is dramatically reduced resulting in less heat and less engine wear. This breakthrough represents the latest leading edge technology available today.
  • Our technology is based upon highly stable synthesized hydrocarbons which are anti-friction, antifoaming, fluid point droppers, with cleaning and dispersing ability that form a boundary film between metal to metal contact (by actually penetrating the pores of the metal).
  • Under thermal conditions DWD2  Metal Conditioner reacts by penetrating the pores of metal surfaces protecting the surface being lubricated. The physical surface improvement (of the metal) improves the shear strength of the base lubricant resulting in reduced friction and friction- related wear.
  • Formulation of DWD2   Metal Conditioner include: Coupling Agents, Dispersants, Surface Tension Reducers, Rust Inhibitors, Synergizing Agents, Wetting Agents, Penetrates, Anti-coagulants, Anti­-foaming Agents and Sequestering Agents.

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