Purity-Clean Hand & Surface Cleaner 4 oz.

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Purity-Clean is perfect for carrying in a purse, the car, the home, and office, gym bag, and more. Use on doorknobs; steering wheels; desks; countertops; cell phones, tablets, and any other common surfaces. Purity-Clean is a safe, effective, non-irritating personal cleaner for use on hands and surfaces. Purity-Clean neutralizes bacteria and viruses on contact. The multi-purpose formula stops the spread of harmful germs to keep you and your family safe. Purity-Clean is an ideal solution for hands, home and office, and anywhere that needs immediate purification. Purity-Clean softens, moistens, and protects the skin safely and effectively!  Get Purity Clean!

  • Made with plant-derived ingredients
  • Multiple-use applications
  • Cruelty-free and gentle on the planet
  • Safe and effective

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