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DWD2 Protect Home & Commercial Mold Treatment Fogger:

  • Available in 8 oz. - Treats 1,300 cubic ft.
  • Available in 14 oz. - Treats 2,600 cubic ft.

DWD2 Clean Air home and commercial is a plant-based mold, bacteria, and odor solution formulated to clean and keep it clean. It not only eliminates musty odors but continues working long after application to keep your space clean and free of musty mold and mildew odors. Our formula contains powerful plant extracts and potent ingredients. That will produce excellent results! Unlike other chemical products, our enzyme-formulated mold fogger will keep your space clean and serene! Restore a fresh atmosphere in your home in a simple yet effective way. Proudly made in the USA and contains no synthetic ingredients or fragrances.

Got Mold?

Treat it with our Plant-based Mold and odor solution

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