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Free Shipping on orders over $40.


The Science Behind the Protect™ Enzyme

Protect plant-based mold treatment

1. An Enzyme based Technology that eliminates mold, bacteria & viruses


The concept is like pharmaceutical engineering: it takes enzyme extracts from living organisms, makes the extracts aseptic, and formulates them into a solution that contains no living organisms, very much like a vaccine. 


 2.  Polyphasic species based science


We focus on cellular components, predominantly distinguishing physical traits of the cell walls. These components include polar lipids, fatty acids, polysaccharides, and polyamines. 


3. Cellular polyamine synthesis eradication 


Cellular component pathogens function in cell survivability, growth, and protection. Our proprietary enzyme blend ruptures cell walls and interferes with growth, ultimately disabling the organism by lysing the cell walls.


4. Protect Mold Treatment formulation


Proteases obtained from Bacillus subtilus and Aspergillus spp are extracted and combined with cellulose and amylase. This compound of ingredients breaks down the exterior cell wall of a broad range of microorganisms to ensure that no pathogen defense mechanism is breached.


5. Our Protect Mold Treatment kill is more thorough than a typical chemical kill


Our proprietary active bio-solution uses a slight chemical charge and PH control to target cell membrane microorganisms. This process denatures mold and bacteria proteins into non-harmful amino acids and peptides which have no allergenic potential or human health risk.

 Protect Mold Treatment works like a vaccine


6. The Trojan Horse Effect


The Protect formulation uses components of related pathogens to defeat the target pathogens. Using pathogen-specific elements harvested from the same class of targeted pathogens creates a Trojan Horse effect wherein mold spores and bacteria fail to recognize a threat. This simple method eliminates the potential for the target pathogens to adapt over time or defend against the PROTECT MOLD & BACTERIA formulation in the future.

Protect Mold Treatment Enzyme Trojan Horse effect