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Clean Air® Car Kit - Provides up to 1 year of Clean, Healthy and Cooler Air

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DWD2 Clean Air Clean & Refresh Kit: Provides up to 1 year of odor protection. Kit includes one 8 oz. Evaporator Cleaner and one 8 oz. Maintenance Refresher. Use the Refresher Maintenance Treatment 3- 6 months after cleaning your ventilation system with DWD2 Clean Air Evaporator Cleaner to extend the freshness of your odor-free air!

Introducing the DWD2 Clean Air Cleaner & Refresher Car Kit, the #1 AC Car AC Cleaner/Evaporator Cleaner on the market since 1997. This powerful cleaner has been tested and proven by mold specialists to effectively remove odor-causing contaminants and stubborn debris build-ups like road grime. The DWD2 Evaporator Cleaner is specially formulated to cover your dirty evaporator, leaving no untreated areas entirely.
This non-toxic, bio-degradable, non-corrosive, and proven safe formulation is designed to work for ALL cars. Breathe Clean Air all year with this quick and easy solution to your vehicle's a/c problems. In as little as 25 minutes, you can free yourself of the odor-causing contamination and road grime stuck in your vehicle's air conditioner.
Choose between Unscented or Regular for a wonderfully fresh lemon citrus experience every time you step into your car! DWD2 Clean Air Evaporator Cleaner also increases airflow and cooling efficiency. If you're looking for the best car air conditioner cleaner/evaporator cleaner. The DWD2 Clean Air Cleaner & Refresher Car Kit is the perfect solution. Order now and experience the refreshing difference!

Scent: Lemon